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BBQ Packages

BBQ Packages

Chef Eddies also caters special events when traditional Soulful Southern Cooking flavor is a must. Barbecues are always a summer staple, but barbecue fare is so versatile and widely-enjoyed that you can use it to spice up any event throughout the year. If you’re in the mood for good barbecue, Orlando has plenty of options, but only Chef Eddies does Soulful Southern barbecue the way it used to be.

So if it’s real, honest-to-goodness barbecue that you and your guests want, Chef Eddies is the only place.

Chef Eddies specializes in catering for corporate events, weddings, church events, college gatherings and more. Our Orlando barbecue menu includes all your Soulful Southern favorites, from tender fall-off-the-bone meat to the fantastic and flavorful side dishes you grew up with. Sweeten things up with our sweet tea and lemonade, and your guests won’t be able to get enough.

At Chef Eddies our food is second to none, but our catering clients also appreciate the extra time, effort, and care we put in to make your event a success. Here are a few review exerts from Yelp:

“…This is down home, city NEIGHBORHOOD food.  I’m from Orange County, California.  Chef Eddie’s is an incredibly refreshing culture shock for me. LOVE IT”.
Glen B – Santa Ana, CA

“This is definitely one of the top Soul Food Restaurants in Central Florida. The food is well seasoned, always fresh, good prices and huge portions. I always leave looking forward to come back”.
Andrew R – Orlando, FL

“LOVE this spot!  Good home cooked food. Nice portion size and great service.  I found this place through a friend and vowed to come back.”
Tiffany F – Windermere, FL

“I cannot give this place enough praise. Chef Eddie is mostly behind the grill cooking up the food. This place definitely has a love for the food they cook. The price is right. Most places downtown are around 15.00 for a plate of chicken and waffles. Chef Eddies is about 7.95 for a plate. That is a steal!”
Kim S – Orlando, FL

Whether you’re feeding ten folks or thousands, Chef Eddies will ensure that you and your guests enjoy the finest barbecue Orlando has to offer, along with the superior service that comes along with it. Give us a call at our catering number call (407.376.8918) and let us know how we can help make your next event or gathering a success.

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