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Event Packages

Event Packages


As a catering service provider in Orlando FL, the world’s leading vacation center, we have ensured that our doors are open to all event coordinators. So, whether you are planning to take a team or group of people to the trade shows at the Convention Center or simply wants to plan for a memorable cuisine for your vacation, Chef Eddie’s Restaurant & Catering Services will help you to make every moment special. We have a wealth of experience in catering for events at the Convention center and will be able to use our links and staff to brighten your day.


Chef Eddie’s Restaurant & Catering offers quality and memorable food. We help companies that intend to build consistent and lasting brand recognition to contract our services on a long-term basis. Churches, which conduct a number of meetings per year, can really benefit from long-term use of our unwavering services for all their conventions and multi-day events. Corporate organizations, which intend to give the best treat to their board members, partners and important clients at competitive prices, can reduce the logistical and financial challenges involved by employing our services.


Planning a trip to Disney World is a great way for the family to have some fun. There are also many people that plan their family reunions every year in Orlando. It can be a very exciting time to bring them both together. It’s no secret that there’s no better way to bring a family together than through a family reunion.

A family reunion is a special time that allows family members to catch up on what’s new and going on in their lives, to reminisce about the good old days, and to just spend some quality time and fun, together. And one of the most talked about and enjoyed times of a family reunion is the eating and the food. You can make it more memorable and special by celebrating the occasion with delicious food catered from Chef Eddie’s Restaurant & Catering Services.

Although it’s nice for the family to bring in the food and have “Uncle Bob” fire up the grill, but why make him do all the cooking…let him enjoy the fun too by having Chef Eddie’s Restaurant & Catering Services provide you a great catering menu.


Did you know that your grand church/civic event could be spoiled at the dining table?

Sub-par catering services have broken relationships.


Event meals are much more than just food. The company needs to impress potential partners, employees, and executives from other organizations. The church wants to make annual events worth looking forward to. First-class catering and delicious cuisines helps to imprint the event boldly on the minds of your team members and clients. Chef Eddie’s Restaurant & Catering Services tailors catering services to engage, impress and satisfy. We listen to your event plans, understand your company or church goals and portray an impressive picture of you, your church or company, and your team.


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